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Professional Cash Flow Management, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services for Individuals and Businesses Across Rancho Cucamonga and Beyond

Proactive, Preventive, and Customized Business Services

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<style> h1 {   text-shadow: 2px 2px 8px #1e2a55; } </style>Professional Cash Flow Management, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services for Individuals and Businesses Across Rancho Cucamonga and Beyond


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Helping Business Owners Succeed!

The focus of SMG Business Services is proactive and preventive. We want our clients to know as soon as possible whether their business has generated income so that they can improve on what they are doing well or immediately take corrective action. Whether the issues are managerial, financial, regulative, or governmental, these problems need to be prevented so that business owners can focus on what they do best instead of spending their time fixing them. We believe in proactive bookkeeping. Books and records should always be up to date so that business owners can be free to make well-informed and timely business decisions.

β€œAll business owners are empowered to be the best entrepreneurs they can be through reliable, trustworthy, and accessible accounting.”
-Silvia M. Guardado, EA, Owner - SMG Business Services

Cash Flow Management near Rancho Cucamonga

Cash Flow Management

Our Cash Flow Management services guide individuals and businesses across Rancho Cucamonga through life's most important financial decisions. We provide trusted advice on budgeting and finances, ensuring that you stay cash flow positive to continue consistent success and growth. Learn more today.

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Cash Flow Management near Rancho Cucamonga


To ensure that every piece of your business's financial data is in place, SMG Business Services is here to provide premier Bookkeeping Services to people and businesses across Rancho Cucamonga. Alleviate the stress of recording your financial transactions by letting us take care of your accounts in a professional, systematic, and digestible manner.

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Cash Flow Management near Rancho Cucamonga

Tax Services

There is no one size fits all solution to taxes. Every situation is unique. At SMG Business Services, we're committed to learning who you are and how we can help. We're committed to giving everyone in and around Rancho Cucamonga the very best solution with top notch tax services.

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Chelle W.

Last year, my business had moved to that next level financially and I needed an accounting service that not only could manage but also teach. I was also intimidated using QuickBooks online. I start...

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Ortiz Ice Cream

We had a very nice experience, they are honest and kind, I had a nice tea, as they handle it by appointments, that means there is no waiting. English and Spanish can help you. Original:  Tuvimos ...

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Maria G.

Honestidad, paciencia y amabilidad. (Honestly, patience, and kindness)...

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Yesenia F.

Silvia goes above and beyond her service to us. So glad to have her as our accountant. πŸ‘πŸΌ  @hrypersonnelservices...

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Thomas L.

If you need help with your taxes SMG Business Services is the place for you! Great customer service and they helped me save money on both my personal and business tax. Update 1 Year Later: Another yea...

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Profit First Professionals

Trust our professionals to provide you service that saves you time

  • Mission


    To provide an efficient and effective bookkeeping, training, tax and consulting service as well as professional knowledge and expertise to maintain company’s accounting records up-to-date to relieve the business owner so that they can do what they do best.

  • Statement


    All of our clients are treated with the respect and integrity they deserve. We offer personalized services at competitive prices, fast and accurate turn-around times, and professional expertise on your business, bookkeeping, and tax related issues.

  • Philosophy


    We believe that financial success depends on how well your bookkeeping system is setup, executed and administered. The “Books” are the pulse of any business. They measure the financial health and growth potential, along with many other important aspects that are keys to your overall success.

  • It’s not “One Size Fits All.” Every business is different and unique. So are the needs of their owners, management, and employees. If the “Books” are not setup and maintained correctly from the start, vital information may be over looked, ignored, not reported, or reported incorrectly. Not only can that cause serious financial and cash flow problems, it could lead to major tax issues and a host of other unnecessary financial or legal oversights.

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