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What Will Be The Next Big Things To Expect With Our Smartphones?

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There are billions of smartphones and hand-held computer devices out in the world today and they can do amazing things. Only a few years ago the things that smartphones are already capable of would have been thought impossible. Today, we are wondering what amazing things the smartphones of tomorrow will be able to do. Will they even be called smartphones? We may not have long to wait before we see some of these amazing new features that smartphones are expected to include in the very near future.

There are many companies working on flexible video screens. In fact, there are many prototypes of these screens working today. It’s only a matter of bringing down costs before we start seeing them in our smartphones. Imagine rolling out a screen many times larger than the one your phone comes with today. Some companies have plans of using the technology to make wearable smartphones.

With resolution rates going ever higher the picture quality in smartphones is reaching peak levels. What’s the next step? Why not 3D screens and holograms for the next step. There have been rumors that several manufacturers are working on smartphone displays with 3D holograms. Along with the holograms, companies are also working on ways to control the information on the hologram with hand movements.

Voice control is also making huge headways. With the release of SIRI and other voice recognition software the flood gates have opened and now the only issue is to refine the way the software interprets the many facets of human speech. All working towards the day when talking to your smartphone will be as easy as talking to your best friend.

There are some amazing things waiting for us in the near future. These are just a few of the things being worked on that are common knowledge. There are certainly many more technologies that we are not even aware of that we may be seeing soon.


By UNIKO Media Group

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