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Some Common Business Practices That Are Proving to be Inefficient

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Running a successful business takes the right combination of many factors. Many business practices are considered to be positive and good for any business. But there are also some common business practices that may be inefficient. Here are some common business practices that should be considered when examining efficiency. 

Email has become a business necessity to many. Communicating through email may be proving to be inefficient however. What started out as a revolutionary business communication tool has in some cases become highly inefficient because of the way it is used. Long-winded emails filled with buzzwords and industry jargon make it difficult to understand what people are trying to say. In some cases, it has even become something for people to hide behind when they don’t know what they are trying to communicate. For these reasons many small companies are relying on other forms of communications that are more to the point and simple.  

Studies have shown that taking a break leads to better productivity and better quality of work. The interesting thing about breaks is that what you actually do on your break is key to getting the most out of them. Taking the wrong kind of break will drain you and your work will suffer. Taking a break is a time to give your body and brain a rest, not watch TV, or send snapchats. Find a way to take a rest from stimulation and let your brain relax. Go for a walk or do some other light physical activity. 

Some companies are getting away from personal meetings. The feeling is that personal meetings are a waste of time and tend to be more distracting and less focused. The preference is going with remote meetings which are better because they are less distracting, sharing is built in and they enable a level playing field.  

In this ever-changing world, technology is enabling us to take a look at some business practices that may need to be changed or done away with completely in order to gain efficiency. 


By UNIKO Media Group

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